What a lucky twist of fate.  I was surfing around on the Internet one day last November when I came across a REALTOR website.  I'd been seriously considering buying a house because I was so tired of paying rent.  Being single, I never thought I could do it on my own.  Lucky for me I happened to look for homes for sale online in an area where Lisa was the REALTOR.  I sent her a timid e-mail asking her a couple of questions but unwilling to commit to anything.  Lisa immediately took over and was enthusiastic about helping me.  She never allowed me to feel discouraged because I wanted to do this on my own.  I qualified for a loan, and Lisa was ready to go to work for me.  And work she certainly did!  We looked at every house for sale in the area in my price range, and she never let me settle.  She encouraged me to keep looking if there was even the smallest concern on my part.  She was determined to find me the perfect house.

In January, I did find I house that I really liked and Lisa and I worked up an offer.  As it turned out, that house had other offers and mine wasn't accepted.  I was very upset, and afterward felt like I was just wasting my time trying to find one I would like as much as that one.  Lisa would not let me give up hope and in fact
contacted me regularly with more homes to see.  She worked around MY schedule and made herself available to me what seemed like 24/7.  We continued our search, still not finding anything I liked as much as the one I placed the first offer on.  As fate would have it, and as Lisa promised, we found what turned out to be the perfect home for me, and put the first one I liked to shame!  It had everything I was looking for in the area I wanted.  Lisa was right.  She stood firm with her promise that she wouldn't stop until I was positively thrilled with my first home purchase.  She walked me through every step, right up to closing, and through a few sticky situations with the owners and their agent.  I was never alone and I always felt Lisa was protecting my interests and investment.  There wasn't a single piece of paper that passed by without her inspection before I signed it.

To sum it up and make it clear to whoever is considering Lisa's    services, I say to each of you.  DO NOT HESITATE!!!  Lisa is the BEST and I truly do not think my experience would have been what it was without her.  If you want to know you are being taken care of from day one until after you've moved in, Lisa is the REALTOR for you.  If you don't want to worry about paperwork and confusing documents, Lisa is the REALTOR for you.  If you want to find the perfect home and to have someone constantly available to you until that happens, then Lisa is the REALTOR for you.  Don't regret your choice by going anywhere else.  Lisa is not only my REALTOR; she is now also a friend. 

Thank you Lisa.  I'm finally home! 

Rachel Russell

Lisa Savage, REALTOR, e-Pro
Broker, Realty Savage